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The National Context in Wales and England

Since devolution, the Welsh Government has striven to develop a distinctly Welsh education system, made ‘in Wales, for Wales’ (Davidson, 2000) and some of the most significant changes have been happening in the field of early years education. These new approaches cover traditional areas of education, such as the introduction of the Foundation Phase curriculum for children aged 3-7 but also address issues faced by children and their families outside the school gates. Initiatives driven by the Flying Start programme are providing education and support for children from birth and are working with a range of vulnerable and at risk groups to maximise children’s chances of success in the future.
Likewise, the situation in England is changing and developing. The creation of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Early Years Professional Status has impacted upon the role of professionals working with the youngest children, whilst the introduction of academies and the development of extended schools have changed the landscape of education for older children. The Every Child Matters agenda is creating a range of new and diverse opportunities to help and inspire children and young people, and all of these approaches need well-qualified, knowledgeable professionals to deliver them.



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