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Degree Showcase

There are a considerable number of Education related degrees offered by the Universities that make up the Teacher Training & Education Recruitment Forum Wales.  A small selection are showcased here to demonstrate the breadth of options depending on your interests and career aspirations. 

Glyndwr University: BA (Hons) Play and Playwork
Playwork recognises children's play as the most fundamental behaviour by which children explore the world and the people around them.  By developing a deep understanding of play and the practical means by which we can support it we enable meaningful and significant influence in children's holistic development and to the communities they live in and to society as a whole.  This course recognises the value of play for children and adults alike, employing as far as appropriate a playful approach to academic study.  Playwork is a rapidly developing profession within the children's workforce sector, with a government agenda focused sharply on the value of play for children in modern society and the allocation of significant funds for play provision. 

Aberystwyth University:  Education degrees Major, Minor & Joint Honours
These degrees allow you to combine Education with another subject in three ways:

  • Joint Honours Education degrees: 505 Education Studies + 50% another subject
  • Major Education degrees: 66% Education Studies + 33% another subject
  • Minor Education degrees: 33% Education Studies + 66% another subject

If the partner subject is a school subject, this allows you to consider teaching as a career opportunity. Read more>>>

University of Wales, Trinity St. David:  BA (Hons) Educational Studies or as joint honours with either 
Counselling or Psychology.  Educational Studies looks at a broad range of educational issues and develops understanding of learning at all ages, including lifelong learning through a variety of contexts. The degree will equip you with the understanding of educational policy, process and curriculum, along with the knowledge that is needed by professionals in education. Read more (single honours) >>>   Studying Education Studies as a joint honours with either counselling or psychology will combine the two subjects on an equal basis.   Read more (joint honours) 

Bangor University:  BA (Hons) Childhood Studies (single or joint honours)
The term 'Childhood' is defined as a child's life from the early to teenage years, and this will form the core of the Childhood Studies degree, which deals with a range of aspects related to childhood.  The range of subject combinations available for those who wish to study Childhood Studies with another subject (as a joint honours degree), are: History, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Policy, Sociology and Welsh. 
Open University:  BA (Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies
This degree is for those who work or intend to work, or those with more general interests in the interdisciplinary field of childhood  and youth studies. You can choose to focus on a specialist area - such as child development - or you may prefer to follow a more vocational route towards professional work with young children or young people. Whichever route you select, your knowledge and analytical skills will be developed in relation to policies, practices and issues affecting the lives of children and young people across a range of settings. 

Cardiff Met:  BA (Hons) Education Studies and select from one of the pathways:  Early Childhood Studies, English, Psychology, Sport and Physical Activity or Welsh
During this degree you will complete core modules in Educational Studies regardless of your chosen specialist pathway.  These cover: an introduction to the nature of education; managing pupils' learning; curricular and assessment issues; meeting individual needs; investigating  learning and teaching at specific age phases; school observation; political, legal and professional  issues in Education  and research and enquiry in Education. 

University of Wales Trinity Saint David:  BA (Hons) Early Years Education / BA (Hons) Early Years Education & Social Inclusion
How children learn is a fascinating area of study.  It has its own particular frameworks and its own specialist educational requirements.  This course is underpinned by a commitment to the principle that educational services for children should be of the highest quality.  A rigourously trained, well-informed, knowledgable, skilled and confident early years workforce is crucial to high quality in all services for young children.  This course is Trinity's response to this need for a graduate level workforce in all areas of early years' services. 

University of South Wales:  BA (Hons) Creative and Therapeutic Arts

This course is unique in Wales and offers an exciting opportunity for students to be at the forefront of a new and dynamic Creative and Therapeutic Arts Practitioner workforce. Using art, students train to work therapeutically, educationally and creatively to enhance the personal, social and mental wellbeing of others. Students develop their art-form to degree standard with an emphasis on creative process, experientials and skills development workshops once on placement. Read more>>>

BA (Hons) Early Years Education and Practice – This degree  focuses on working with children from birth to seven years, examining issues around children’s play, learning and development, as well as identifying the vital role played by parents, carers and professionals. You’ll gain an understanding of the curriculum, looking at topics of literacy, numeracy and bilingualism as well as strategies for behaviour management. Read more>>>

BSc (Hons) Childhood Development – On this course, you’ll explore key issues in children’s development, learning and behaviour from a range of perspectives. You’ll be able to understand and analyse factors that influence development, and explain a range of challenging behaviours, including those associated with ADHD, conduct disorder, autism and learning disabilities. Read more>>>

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Bangor University Swansea Metropolitan University Trinity University College Aberystwyth University